The State of React UI libraries in 2024

7 minute read

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been away from React development for a while, and I’m intending on writing a web application. Thus far, my tech stack is: Base web framework: React Frontend tooling: Vite Hosting: Azure Static Web Apps State management: Redux Toolkit Next up, I want to take a look at UI component libraries. React UI component libraries are collections of ready-...

The State of React state management in 2024

13 minute read

I’ve been away from React development for a while. I stupidly asked what the best way to create a React app was in 2024 on the React subreddit, and found that reddit is not a friendly or welcoming community. For those wondering, there are three ways of creating a React app - Vite, Remix, and NextJS - but the community suggests Vite. Given the somewhat frosty reception I got on the React subre...